A scapular is a simple piece of clothing that is worn over the shoulders, with the two rectangular panels hanging down in front and back, reamaining open on the sides.

Monastic scapulars originated as aprons worn by medieval monks, and were later extended to habits for members of religious organizations, orders or confraternities. Monastic scapulars now form part of the habit of monks and nuns in many christian religious orders.
This is a black wool twill weave scapular form 1970 with two shoulder straps, one of which fastens with metallic hooks and eyes.
A red cross-stitch embroidery “20” is stitched on the back of one of the shoulder straps.

🡥 Credits

Item and photography thanks to © Collectie Modemuseum Antwerpen, foto Stany Dederen

Pattern making and 3D modelling by Martina Ponzoni

Texturing and Rendering by Virgile Biosa

18/08/2023 ©  d_archive

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