About the Project

d_archive’s purpose is to support the preservation of fashion heritage and make it accessible digitally.

By combining 3D technologies and traditional techniques, we create accurate 3D replicas of historical and vintage clothing and accessories, and we offer them freely to visitors. These replicas are not mere representations of an item’s appearance; they carry precious technical information, making them engaging educational tools that can be used to delve into fashion history, culture, and craftsmanship.

We aim to create a space that fosters the admiration of things made slowly and with great care, reigniting an appreciation for quality artifacts and encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

We invite you to be an active part of this journey, to explore, learn, share knowledge, and be inspired.


Aware that, in order to create a better future, we must learn from our past, we intend to support designers to rediscover, reinterpret, and carry on the quality in the craft that has been lost to fast fashion. We strive for a shift in the industry towards the creation of long-lasting pieces and sustainable practices.

We want to be an active part of the movement to make fashion more inclusive, supporting a more diverse and transparent industry led by creatives driven by passion.

d_archive strives to bring true craftsmanship into the 3D space by sharing insights on fashion heritage and creating a platform that fosters continuous learning and creativity, empowering people of all backgrounds to explore and blend traditional know-how with innovative tools.


Not everyone has access to prestigious galleries or fashion libraries for geographic and economic reasons. Even those who have one at hand are hardly able to access fashion archives, both for the sake of preservation and due to logistical challenges.
We believe that everyone would benefit from having the opportunity to learn and be inspired by these vintage, traditional, or historical items, from a new, more accurate source than what is currently available online. By offering 3D replicas rich in context and technical information, we hope to provide the best option for investigating them, second only to the often impossible hands-on experience.


Working with experienced curators and researchers is essential to bring together the 3D collection and make it a valuable resource for the fashion community.

By collaborating closely with experts, we can provide accurate and detailed information about each piece, including its historical context, construction techniques, and identification of rare, unique, or particularly interesting items.

Our goal is not only to create a dynamic and immersive experience for users but also preserving the integrity of the items and their historical value.

Community and Contributors

We recognize the importance of creating a global community that engages with our platform in order to keep the content relevant and accurate. For this reason, we are especially excited to involve a wide range of professionals (and passionate amateurs!) , including costume and fashion historians, designers, journalists, pattern makers, researchers, educators, textile designers, XR developers, storytellers, and more.

By bringing together such a diverse community of individuals who share a passion for fashion and/or technology, we can create a truly unique and vibrant platform.

Events and Workshops

We will organize on-site and online events in collaboration with our partner museums, archives and universities, creating immersive exhibitions and workshops that allow the public to engage differently with the platform content and connect with each other.

By partnering with different institutions, we can bring together a wide range of individuals and organizations to create a stimulating environment for exchange and collaboration. Whether online or offline, our events foster community and connection, creating an experience beyond the digital platform itself.

Fashion Preservation

3D replicas offer a unique and valuable way to explore fashion history and craftsmanship in intricate detail. They offer a level of accuracy and detail that is impossible to achieve through photographs or 2D representations alone, and includes all technical aspects that photogrammetry (3D scans) can’t capture.

These files do more than showcase an item’s appearance; they encapsulate every pattern curve, seam, and texture of the original garment or accessory. They even allow for a comprehensive understanding of how these items fit and move on a body, if animated. This level of precision enables designers and researchers to study and analyze the construction and design techniques used on archived pieces, providing insight into the evolution of fashion and the skills of past artisans.

The information conveyed by 3D replicas significantly reduces the need for physical access to these items, thereby ensuring their preservation over an extended lifespan. This, in turn, allows future generations to continue benefiting from these well-preserved pieces of our heritage.


We believe in maintaining the authenticity of our platform and staying true to our vision, which emphasizes knowledge sharing over profit-seeking. To adhere to this commitment, we have made the decision to self-fund our project and refrain from participating in business accelerators or investor programs. Our focus is on providing accessible educational resources and fostering a sense of community within the fashion world.

Currently, we are actively exploring funding opportunities that align with our mission, allowing us to continue offering free access to our platform while upholding our independence and dedication to our project’s integrity. If you are know people or institutions that might be interested in supporting us, please get in touch at contact@darchive.io