All the people that support(ed) past and ongoing projects, in alphabetic order:

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Virgile Biosa 路 founder, creative director, render wizard

Shayli Harrison 路 mentor, moral support, network weaver

Liam Holmes 路 pattern maker

Erisa Ibrahimi 路 business consultant, mentor, senior pattern maker

Adrien Jacquemet 路 graphic designer

Samira Lafkioui 路 technical consultant, pattern-maker, costume designer

Basile Jesset 路 web developer and designer

Martina Ponzoni 路 founder, ideator, 3D garment expert, court jester

Daniele Scarante 路 founder, writer, factotum, community man

Aiker Shalekenova 路 pattern maker

Ily猫s Taiebi 路 3D generalist