Frequently asked questions – if you have more unusual or specific ones we are keen to hear them and reply, please write to contact@darchive.io

Is d_archive free to use?

Yes, all the core information about our items are freely accessible, you only need to create a profile to get a Free Entry Ticket.

What are tickets?

Tickets is how we call subscription plans. By creating a profile, you get a permantent Free Entry Ticket.

When will Membership Tickets be available?

Membership Tickets will probably be available later on. All the free content you can access now will always remain free.

Do you have a guided tour of the platform?

Yes, at this [Youtube link.]

How can I stay updated with d_archive news and announcements?

Our Newsletter is included in your Free Entry Ticket. We promise we won’t fill your inbox with unnecessary spam!

Additionally, you can follow us on Instagram and Linkedin to stay connected with the latest news, exhibitions, and events.

How can I report technical issues or bugs on the website?

Please send us an email at contact@darchive.io

Are you a metaverse platform?


There is so much more to digital fashion than corporate hype around ugly hoodies with logos 😉

What is the difference between WIP and Coming Soon items?

WIP (Work in Progress) means that the team has already selected some items, started the digitization and research process, and they are publishing updates as they come along. You might see notes about missing information, and we encourage users to submit suggestions and facts if they know something about an item we are working on.

In WIP items you might also notice some bright pink areas in renders: these are missing materials that we are still working on and will update soon.
Sometimes we think it’s worth publishing an unfinished item rather than keeping it hidden for much longer.

Coming Soon means that we are preparing to upload new material or we are looking for more information. If you have suggestion on relevant items to include, please let us know! Send a message to contact@darchive.io or ponz@darchive.io

How can I use images or information from d_archive for research or educational purposes?

We encourage the use of images and information from d_archive for research and educational purposes as you need, but please remember to credit us.

You can use this format as an example, or any other standard citation templates:
Organization Name. “Page Title.” Website Name, URL. Accessed Day Month Year.

“FAQ” d_archive, www.darchive.io/faq . Accessed 26/09/2023.

What measures are in place to ensure the accuracy of information provided?

We take accuracy seriously. Our team works diligently to research and verify the information in our archive, thanks to the support of the institutions and curators we work with. However, if you come across any discrepancies or have additional information to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I use d_archive patterns for commercial projects?

Our patterns are free to download and use for your projects and explorations, including commercial ones. They are ready to be imported in most CAD software but they are not optimised for physical production. You might need to adjust them to your technical needs before printing them out.

And remember we always appreciate being credited as a source so that more people can get to know our free platform.

How do you choose your items?

At the moment the items are selected out of personal interest and thanks to institutions and archivists that believed in this project and made some styles available for us.

Can I contibute to d_archive with my collection?

If you want to contribute to d_archive with your own vintage, archival or heritage styles please get in touch at contact@darchive.io and tell us more about yourself and your items!

What if I have an idea for a project?

Whether you’re a fashion designer, researcher, educator, or part of a cultural institution, we’re open to exploring collaborative opportunities and partnerships that align with our mission.

Please reach out to our team at contact@darchive.io or ponz@darchive.io to discuss potential collaborations, share your ideas, or express your interest in working together.

How can I work with you if I am a pattern maker or 3D designer?

We are always happy to connect with people that are interested in bringing craftsmanship into the digital realm, both professionals and beginners.

As the collection expands we will definitely need more hands working on projects.

Please tell us something about yourself by sending a message to contact@darchive.io – we would love to see your portfolio as well!

Licensing and Special Requests

Get in contact with ponz@darchive.io if you are a production studio interested in our collection for commercial purposes. This will provide a chance for filmmakers, game developers, musicians, and other creative professionals to access our 3D files and incorporate historically accurate garments and accessories into their projects.

By collaborating with these industries, we hope to inspire new forms of creativity while also promoting the importance of preserving and celebrating fashion history.

Do you offer commercial services?

Yes, we do. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the fashion field and offers consultations about pattern making, 3D design, art direction, research, training and education. We can help you develop a digital strategy, choose the right tools and implement a suitable workflow, and train your team on how to use them.

If you are a brand or institution looking to digitise your fashion and costume archives, or planning a special project in this area, please get in touch at contact@darchive.io

What measures are in place to protect user data and privacy?

We ask a few information to our users when they sign up (name, location and profession) because these are useful insights for us to understand our audience and think about better ways to engage with you.

We do not share or sell your information to thirds parties, and we never will.