Pleated Underskirt

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Red wool underskirt with waistband made of red ribbon; fastens with a hook and eye. It features two slits at the top, one with an inset pocket made of checkered cotton fabric. At the front, there is a sewn-in pleat approximately 30 cm below the waist that could be let out as the child grew. Hem trimmed with braided red ribbon.

🡥 Credits

Item and photography thanks to © Collectie Modemuseum Antwerpen, foto Stany Dederen

Pattern making by Aiker Shalekenova, Erisa Ibrahimi and Martina Ponzoni

3D modelling by Martina Ponzoni

Texturing and Rendering by Virgile Biosa

03/11/2023 © d_archive

🡥 Pattern


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Last updated : 23/05/2024
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