F-2 Heated Pants

This electrically WW2 USAAF Type F-2 Heated Pant insert (dated 1944-1945) is part of a multi-pieces flight wardrobe that includes 15 pieces in total, served as a liner and is paired with F-3 Heated Jacket. The bottom part can be connected to the electrically heated shoes, to be worn between socks and boots. The physical garment still retains its original manufactures label which states ‘Property Air Forces US Army’, as well as stock number W33-038 ac624 (11220) but unfortunately it’s missing the wool layer above that would cover the wires and buttons on the waist. As an experiment, this layer had been recreated it in the 3D replica.

This item was found at Archivio Storico Vintage, a specialized archive in military clothing and leather goods located in Regello, Italy.

🡥 Credits

Item and photography thanks to © Archivio Storico Vintage, Reggello (FI), Italy

Pattern making by Erisa Ibrahimi

3D modelling by Martina Ponzoni and Virgile Biosa

Texturing and Rendering by Virgile Biosa

18/08/2023 ©  d_archive

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