Embroidered Chemisette

This chemisette is dated between 1900-1910, is made of almost impalpable white silk mesh. The stand-up collar and upper part of chemisette have an extra panel of tulle, embroidered with a floral motif and small raised dots. The collar is trimmed with a ribbon of white silk satin and reinforced with five plastic boning on the inside. This uncomfortable construction choice was probably taken to make the collar stand up and force it into a better fit. We assume that the makers might had to cut a rectangular panel for this piece, instead of a more well-fitting curved collar, to follow the straight pattern of the embroidery applique. The closure on the back is with 17 metal hooks and eyes and has an elastic threaded through a tunnel at the waist, plus 4 very narrow white twill tape bow ties at the waist.

🡥 Credits

Item and photography thanks to © Collectie Modemuseum Antwerpen, foto Stany Dederen

Pattern making by Aiker Shalekenova and Erisa Ibrahimi

3D modelling by Martina Ponzoni

Texturing and Rendering by Virgile Biosa

18/08/2023 ©  d_archive

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